Research & Development

SJM’s Technical Research & Development Center offers our customers outstanding development support, innovative design solutions and state-of-the-art testing and validation technology.

Our expertise in the areas of technical development and customer orientation allows us to work closely with all of the well-known automobile and commercial-vehicle manufacturers.

Our engineers work seamlessly with the Development departments at Exhaust Systems Manufacturers and OE vehicle builders in order to develop an integrated system solution for every decoupling system.

Our international development team is supported by a highly advanced Development Center in South Korea, which features a modern lab and testing center.

Local development teams in Europe, North America, China and South Korea guarantee close and direct contact with our customers’ Development departments.

In order to create an efficient development process, we use the latest simulation techniques, such as FEA modeling, to forecast the product’s service life. We also have our own prototype manufacturing line.

Our many international patents reflect the innovative power and potential of SJM and our engineers.

The SJM development team can draw on its decades of experience, which is collected in a knowledge database. The database also includes information from vehicle measurements taken on more than 30 test tracks by vehicle manufacturers all around the world.

This expertise allows us to develop our products in a target-oriented, flexible and efficient way.

Innovative decoupling solutions
test on a bellow decoupling device