Flexible connections

SJM decoupling solutions – connecting the engine and the exhaust system

Our products create enhanced driving comfort by reducing system vibrations and disruptive noises while also meeting the highest standards for durability.

In addition, our elements successfully help us meet the current standards based on environmental and emission regulations.

bellow decoupler

A decoupler for every application

Constant further developments in the automotive and commercial-vehicle industry require appropriate decoupling solutions to meet the requirements in each case.

The latest trends and requirements in terms of environmental standards, combustion-engine developments and compact assembly groups have to be implemented using equally sophisticated decoupling solutions.

Our short, self-supporting decoupling elements such as the SJM Flexler, plus our longer, non-self-supporting and high-damping decoupling elements in a wide range of capability categories, allow us to create customer-oriented solutions.

SJM decoupling elements are used in many passenger vehicles as well as in lightweight commercial vehicles and trucks.

Engine Decoupling solutions

Innovation for flexible decoupling

Our top priority is to consistently further develop our products in terms of their functionality and cost/benefit ratio.

Our many patent registrations for high-damping decoupling elements as well as for eliminating the undesirable signs of component aging; and for introducing new process capabilities to reduce weight and increase durability reflect this development.